Help Prevent Suicides

Live Today – Put It Away!

Wisconsin’s Gun Shop Secure Storage Program

If you are in a crisis Call 988


Who is this program for?

Increasing the time and distance between someone in a suicidal crisis and access to lethal means such as a firearm can reduce suicide risk and save lives.

This program is for anyone that needs to locate a place to keep firearms in a safe and secure location outside of the home.

What do we do?

The Live Today – Put it Away! program has partnered with firearm retailers and law enforcement agencies throughout the state of Wisconsin that are helping to prevent suicide!

What the Firearm Retailers and Law Enforcement Agencies do?

Each of the facilities noted on the maps have committed to provide assistance to individuals that are in a crisis and need support. They have resources and information on how to decrease firearm suicides and unintentional / accidental deaths through better secure storage of firearms. 



Wisconsin Firearm retailers

The firearm facilities noted on this map are voluntarily providing storage of firearms outside of your home as a way to help prevent suicide. 

  1. Please call and check whether the facility is providing the gun storage service prior to going to or referring someone in crisis to a firearm store (Any retailer can refuse to provide the service).
  2. Be sure that you have the firearm(s) unloaded, when you take them in.

Firearm Retailers and Ranges

Map of Law Enforcement Departments

The following police/sheriff departments noted on the map in BLUE are part of Voluntary Firearm Safekeeping Program and voluntarily provide this service to the community.  Be sure that you have the firearm(s) unloaded when you take them in. 

  1. City of Delafield Police Department:  Calling ahead to schedule a drop-off is preferred, but not necessary.  Call (262) 646-6240. Please review and complete this Safe Storage contract
  2. Columbia County Sheriff’s Department: Please call 608-742-4166, press 1 to reach our communications center 24/7. Setting up an appointment is ideal, but not necessary. We will not be taking ammunition. Safe Storage Contract for Columbia Co
  3. City of Prairie du Chien Police Department: If able, call ahead to (608) 326-2421; otherwise, feel free to come to the police dept. lobby and speak with the dispatch center. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact Lt. Ryan Fradette directly at (608) 412-0102. Safe Storage Contract for Prairie du Chien Police
  4. Crawford Co. Sheriff’s Department: If able, call ahead to (608) 326-8414; otherwise, feel free to come to the sheriff dept. lobby and speak with the dispatch center.  If you have additional questions, feel free to contact Lt. Ryan Fradette directly at (608) 412-0102.Safe Storage Contract for Crawford Cty Sheriff Dept
  5. Village of Eagle Police Department:  Calling ahead is preferred.  Contact Chief Ronald Bethia directly at or at (262) 594-2400, ext. 101.   Safe Storage Contact for Village of Eagle Police


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