Learn how to participate in Live Today – Put It Away!


Firearm retailers have experienced tragic events and have learned that they can make a difference by recognizing customers in crisis, provide them suicide prevention materials and  a place to safely secure their firearms outside of their home. Our program is designed to  provide 2 levels of support by providing 1) education to customers or 2) education and firearm storage


1) Suicide Prevention Education:  Gun shops and ranges provide suicide prevention materials for their customers and staff developed by national organizations (National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), American Foundation on Suicide Prevention, and the VA). Contact us at Info@LiveTodayPutitAway.org if you would like a packet of free materials from NSSF with supplemented materials for Wisconsin firearm retailers. 


2) Firearm storage outside of the home: Live today – Put it Away! Firearm retailers provide  developed to assist individuals that are in a crisis to voluntarily store their firearms outside of the home. The firearm retailers and law enforcement agencies on the maps provide customers firearm storage for no or a low fee.  You are expected to follow all standard FFL processes for transferring possession for holding/cleaning a firearm per Federal and State regulations. We hope that you will consider providing this service to the public.


You can participate in the program by:

  1. Signing up: On-line
  2. or Print this form and mail it to us.
  3. Provide us your thoughts by answering our satisfaction survey.

We will contact you within 48 hours to provide you an orientation to the program and place your establishment on the map.


Information For Firearm Retailers About our firearm storage project: Live Today – Put It Away!


Download Our Gun Shop Project Introduction Packet Here: 

Gun Shop Project Introduction Packet v1


Below are separate sections of our materials:



The Origins Of The Gun Shop Project

A brief look at the origins of the gun shop project: Check out the CNN story or the story below. 

Check out a National Program Firearm Lethal Means project at Pause to Protect.


Learn more about the program by watching the Video by Susan Smykal (Community Program Coordinator) talk about the program.