Our Gun Shop program is dedicated to prevent firearm-related injury and death!

If you need immediate help call 988 and press 1 if you are a Veteran or follow this link for additional information.

Secure storage can help save a life.



Firearm owners have different reasons to securely store their firearms. Storing firearms securely can prevent someone from misusing them – like a curious child playing with a gun, or an intruder stealing a gun.

Secure storage can also also prevent suicide.  The decision to act on a suicidal impulse can be fast, so small changes secure firearms storage, can make a big difference.

What should you do?

Make your firearm the hardest to reach during a moment of crisis.

Image of lock, ammunition, key and home with text: Store firearms unloaded and locked, store and lock ammunition separately from firearms, ensure the key and/or combination is inaccessible to the person in crisis, temorarirly remove firearms from your home



Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone that needs ideas for secure firearm storage and/or a place to temporarily store their firearms in a safe and secure location outside of the home. 



How the program works.
  1. Each of the facilities noted on the maps provide assistance to individuals that need support to store a firearm outside the home.
  2. Map 1 shows firearm retailers and Map 2 shows law enforcement agencies.
  3. Call the facility of your choice to let them know you want to store firearms for instructions.
  4. The facility will do a standard background check to return the firearms to you, similar to when you buy a firearm.


Attention: We are looking for more firearm retailers or law enforcement agencies to join the program! Please follow this link for more information.



The information contained here is not intended to be nor is it a substitute for professional medical or legal advice. The contents of this website should not be construed as or solely relied upon for medical or legal advice. The information presented on this website may not reflect the most current legal developments. Always seek the advice of a qualified health care provider with any questions about medical conditions, and always seek the advice of an attorney with any question about legal issues.



Use the maps to locate a firearm storage facility.
  1. Refer to the map and locate a participating firearm retailer in your area by clicking on the number closest to your location.
  2. Before going to a facility, call to confirm that the the facility has space and is providing gun storage.

Only unloaded firearms are accepted.

Map 1: Firearm Retailers and Range Facilities


Map 2: Law Enforcement agenciesFirearms voluntarily stored by the agencies will return your firearm unless a background check indicates a legal issue is required to hold them. The firearms will be released once the legal issues are resolved.   

  1. City of Delafield Police Department:  Calling ahead to schedule a drop-off is preferred, but not necessary.  Call (262) 646-6240. Please review and complete this Safe Storage contract
  2. Columbia County Sheriff’s Department: Please call 608-742-4166, press 1 to reach our communications center 24/7. Setting up an appointment is ideal, but not necessary. We will not be taking ammunition. Safe Storage Contract for Columbia Co
  3. City of Prairie du Chien Police Department: If able, call ahead to (608) 326-2421; otherwise, feel free to come to the police dept. lobby and speak with the dispatch center. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact Lt. Ryan Fradette directly at (608) 412-0102. Safe Storage Contract for Prairie du Chien Police
  4. Crawford Co. Sheriff’s Department: If able, call ahead to (608) 326-8414; otherwise, feel free to come to the sheriff dept. lobby and speak with the dispatch center.  If you have additional questions, feel free to contact Lt. Ryan Fradette directly at (608) 412-0102.Safe Storage Contract for Crawford Cty Sheriff Dept
  5. Village of Eagle Police Department:  Calling ahead is preferred.  Contact Chief Ronald Bethia directly at  chief@eaglepdwi.com or at (262) 594-2400, ext. 101.   Safe Storage Contact for Village of Eagle Police
  6. City of Lake Mills Police Department: Calling ahead to schedule a drop-off is preferred at all times, and required on weekdays between 5:00pm and 7:00am and on weekends at any time. Call (920) 648-2354.  Safe Storage Contract for Lake Mills Police Dept.
  7. Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Office:  Calling ahead to schedule a drop-off is recommended, but not necessary.  Call (262) 284-7172 and ask to speak to a Deputy regarding the Safe Firearms Storage.  Drop off at the Sheriff’s Office Main Entrance.  Ozaukee Cty Sheriff’s Office Safe Firearms Storage Receipt

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